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What is Clinical (Medical) Massage?

"Medical Massage Therapy Is The Most Prescribed Complementary Therapy By Referring Medical Doctors For Low Back Pain And Other Musculoskeletal Conditions." Why Refer you Patients to Us?
  • We specialize in Pain, Headache and Migraine Management and Chinese Manual Orthopedics.
  • We are members of WAPM (WA Academy of Pain Management) and focus on medical approach to massage.
  • We accept all major medical insurances, workers compensation and MVA insurances including third-party claims.
  • We have extensive experience working with medical doctors in Seattle area providing great care to patients with vast majority of health problems including pre- and post-surgical care, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
  • Our therapists are professional and specially educated to work under physician´┐Żs guidelines.
  • We are conveniently located in Northwest Hospital and close to Overlake Hospital.
  • We provide progress reports for your office, as well as evaluation and recommendations.
  • We do our own insurance billing and benefit verification.
  • Our clinic staff is multi-lingual.

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Number of health studies and researches were conducted to scientifically support the benefits of clinical massage for various health conditions.

Massage Eases Pain, Anxiety after Surgery

It's now standard post-surgical practice at some U.S. hospitals

New Touch Research Institute Study Indicates Massage Therapy Reduces Hand Arthritis Pain

Pregnancy Massage

Therapeutic Massage Tops Touch in Relieving Cancer Pain

Massage Therapy as a Lupus Treatment Tool

Greater number of doctors now realizes valuable benefits of medical massage and refers their patients to massage practitioners. Survey found that 63% of massage therapist received referral from health care providers. The use of massage therapy as pain management continues to gain popularity as well. Due to increase of demand, more insurance companies cover the cost of massage therapy.

Clinical/Medical Massage occupies a special place in the field of massage therapy.

What distinguishes a massage therapist from a Clinical/Medical Massage Practitioner?

Medical massage targets restoring of functioning and improving quality of daily living for patients with ongoing or chronic conditions. General recreational massage primarily promotes relaxation. Moreover, medical massage demands more education and clinical experience.

Medical/Clinical Massage should never be considered as a replacement to conventional therapies, but instead a relevant complementary health care approach for minimizing the side effects of those therapies. It is really should be a team work with all medical providers involved in health care of particular patient. Collaborative approach to treatment can benefit patients with different health problem including chronic conditions or post-surgical recovery.

Diagnosing is out of scope of practice for Clinical/Medical Massage Practitioner that is why prescription from Medical Doctor is recommended to perform Clinical Massage. Non-prescribed Massage Therapy may also be administered to address clients, where assessment shows soft-tissue imbalances.

If you have any questions about our practice or medical massage, please Contact Us.
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